New Construction


At A&Q Builder we construct small and large projects. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we’re experts on constructing houses of 1 to 3 families, multi-family, duplexes and much more.


At A&Q Builder we help construct any commercial project. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we’re experts at constructing stores, restaurants, offices and much more. With that in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us for our full support and assistance throughout your project. 


At A&Q Builder we understand that there are situations where your budget might’ve not been enough to finish your basement or attic but no worries, we’ll gladly pick up the project and finish building it.


A garage isn’t always wanted as part of your house until you need it, but no worries A&Q Builder is ready to match your needs. We’ll support and assist you every step of the way so your garage is just what you want and need. 


For A&Q Builder, there’s no project too big or too small. We’ll create whatever type of backyard you desire from the entrance, to a driveway, walkways, gardens and just about anything else you’d like. We’re here to support and assist you. 


¿Are you interested in constructing a deck? Don’t trust that job to anybody lacking experience in that area. At A&Q Builder we’re experts in the industry and we’ll assure you every step of the way to achieve that deck you’ve always wanted.


A&Q Builder contractors generally perform transformative home renovations based on good planning. If your project requires more than one type of craft such as carpentry, masonry, flooring, plumbing etc, then A&Q Builder is for you.

Each contractor of our company has been previously selected; In other words, they had to go through a rigorous process that includes verification of all required licenses, verification of complete insurance coverage, evaluation of the quality of their work, interviews to establish relationships of trust and professionalism, among other security filters.

Don’t worry, A&Q Builder is here to help you, please call 1 (646) 238-7708 or send a message with your concern on the contact page and we will call you right away.

A&Q Builder has fair prices, we like to work with honesty and ethics that is why most of our clients are by recommendation.

Yes, we acquire all the necessary construction permits before starting any work. In most cases we include electricity, plumbing, construction permits, among others, call us for more information.

Unless there have been extremely bad weather conditions before, our contract states that we start work within 1 week of the permit being ready. In most cases, we start in 2 days, please be aware that pandemic conditions can cause delays.

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